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New version of this software (SOLE Professional) is available on our new site Sales of SOLE 3.0 is stopped on dated 01/04/2010 onward.

Sole Sole software is unique tool to draw L Section, Cross Section, Plan, contour and calculate quantity of road, canal, pipe line, railway track and airport runway and other similar geometries using survey data.

Sole is most user friendly and simplified software available in today’s market to full fill the need of survey work in different work condition and different project. It provides a complete market leading solution for the survey work. A well-designed interface and comprehensive feature bring out the entire job instantly with some clicks.

Sole use excel data file as input sheet. User enter data in excel file independently without interact with Sole. These file can be used in Sole to draw drawing, calculate quantity and doing different calculation. Sole output its drawing in Auto Cad, these drawings doesn’t have any relation to the Sole and can be saved modified or print separately.



  • Section can be draw using only ground level or both ground and formation level
  • Cutting/filling display in data table using ground and formation level.
  • Option for display grade.
  • Any number of layers can be plotted.
  • Layer type may also display.
  • In case of formation marking, user just enter the point where the grade is changed, other point calculated automatically


  • Section can be draw using only ground level or both ground and formation level
  • Area is calculated by using graphical method, when both layers specified.
  • Any number of layers can by drawn. Users have the option to calculate the earthwork quantity between any two layers.
  • There are two option of specifying formation levels, first all the levels of formation/proposed levels is specified, second only the center level is specified and the camber/supper elevation is specified in the percents.
  • User defines side slop option for cutting and filling.


  • Draw contour from excel data file or from auto cad file
  • Generate contour any number of contour at user define interval
  • Contour can be generated from the grid data or random set of data.
  • User defines colour and line type.


  • Draw plan by giving chainage, forbearing and road width.
  • Show pre define legends of every entity that may be found surrounding the road.
  • Three types of legends are plotted.
    • By giving exact position from center of the road. (In case of tree, electric pole, hand pump and etc.)
    • By giving start and end position from center of the road. (In case of house, link road, bridge and etc.)
    • In case of continues object any number of point is specified. (In case of electric line, telephone line, railway track, river and etc.)
  • Mark at every 100 meter for user connivance.
  • Plot table for curve detail.
  • Specify north of the drawing.


  • Calculate Earthwork using graphical method
  • Calculate Earthwork using average method (BD+SD2)
  • Calculate lead adjustment
  • Calculate berms and layers quantity
  • Calculate Earthwork excluding excavation quantity



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